Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques: The Ultimate Guide por Dacian Busecan

Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques: The Ultimate Guide por Dacian Busecan
Titulo del libro : Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques: The Ultimate Guide
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 21, 2014
Autor : Dacian Busecan
Número de páginas : 120
ISBN : 1499257511
Editor : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Dacian Busecan con Racing Pigeons Advanced Techniques: The Ultimate Guide

Some people will thank me for releasing this while others may not, as these things suppose to be kept taboo.In the end why am i reveling them ? I truly do not believe that anyone can say about his own birds that are not good enough, or his racing pigeons results are bad, until he has tried everything i have explained in this book. We can compare the quality of our birds with our fanciers friends when everybody does apply the techniques i have explained on this book.Just because other people know what to do in the day of basketing for example, with his birds and you don t, that does not make your birds of an inferior quality, it is the not knowing what other people know, that makes your birds look inferior ....i guarantee you that your birds are better then you think they are .I have seen this on many lofts we always blame the birds, but in the end how much do we really know about racing pigeons and how to make them win races ? My point is that we will never know whos birds are better unless we apply everything in racing pigeons sport at the advanced level ....because my friends ...this is what the champions are doing ...they apply everything at the advanced level while others are doing things half way, or keep doing the same old things year after year. On this book you will discover only the special advanced techniques applied by some of the best fanciers and champions in pigeon racing sport, in other words the How to Do It the right way in order to increase your chances of winning the top places on each and every single race, because i truly believe that The 118 pages book (black & white interior, glossy coloured cover) contains the following Chapters explained at the advanced level Chapter 1....Breeding and Pairing Pairings. When should we pair the stock birds. Matching the breeders and what to look for in our breeders. Inbreeding Crossbreeding. The winning formula. Chapter 2....Old Birds Training and Racing Systems Old birds training Bringing the birds into shape. Training for short and middle distance races. Training for long and marathon distance races. Training during the racing season. Racing Systems The natural system for hens The natural system for cocks The widowerhood system. The jealousy system. Chapter3.....Young Birds Training Young birds training The Darkness system explained How to make your birds answer when called How to teach your birds to trap Basket training methods How to teach your birds to eat and drink from the basket Young birds training program Young birds training program during the racing season Chapter 4....Young Birds Racing-(#1Best Seller) Young birds racing system Prepairing for race Returned from the race The crucial importance of keeping notes about each bird Birds classification Chapter 5....Feeding Secrets Food composition Feeding the breeders Young birds feeding Feeding for short distance races Feeding for long distance races Feeding during the moulting season Winter feeding Returning from the race Special ingredients "A true fancier is the one whos birds are always on top places whether they race under his management or somebody elses generation after generation, a true fancier is the who love competitions and speak highly about his fellow competitors...Above all a true fancier is the one who teach others into the sport and gladly talk about his winning ways" Dacian Busecan