Magnopanishad (English Edition) por Yashovijayji Gani

Magnopanishad (English Edition) por Yashovijayji Gani
Titulo del libro : Magnopanishad (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 4, 2013
Autor : Yashovijayji Gani
Número de páginas : 23
Editor : Multy Graphics

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Yashovijayji Gani con Magnopanishad (English Edition)

Can any spiritual benefit be derived without self-immersion? Supreme bliss...Supreme happiness...Supreme awareness...Supreme it whatever you like, it is this complete immersion in the self that leads to true bliss. One who has not immersed oneself in the atman, has wasted this life. Irrespective of his/her worldly achievements, his spiritual quotient will remain nil. And one who has dipped in the nectar of the atman, has attained the jewel of treasures, self-realization. So come, immerse yourself in your divine atman. This text is extracted from "Gyansar". This text is based on the philosophy of Jainism.